About Trappin' Fabrics:

The original company, Quality Vibes Cannabis, was founded in late June 2021 by owner and operator: Gina Fasano.

Gina started her streetwear/manufacturing journey in June 2021 by bleach dying and tie dying T-shirts. In October 2021, she attended Parson's School of Design, graduating from their COMPLEX Streetwear program while learning from the best in the fashion/streetwear industry including Jeff Staple, April Walker, and many more.

After graduating from the COMPLEX course, she decided to take a leap for the business and get into embroidery. Starting out with a single needle, Brother machine, then upgrading to MELCO - the fasted commercial embroidery machine on the planet. In order to keep up with her growing business she knew it was only a matter of time before more upgrades were needed. Her parents built her an in house office to be able to fully focus on orders instead of working off of the dining room table. 

After hearing so many horror stories from other business owners in regards to their messed up orders or orders from overseas that never showed up she realized there was a serious need for more USA manufacturers, which is when Trappin' Fabrics Manufacturing was truly born. 

We provide top quality apparel and merchandise for our clientele, no matter what. Top quality and happy clients are what we strive for and succeed at every day. 

Without the support of the community there would be no Trappin' Fabrics Manufacturing! So, THANK YOU! 


NO REFUNDS AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON! If you’re unhappy with your purchase please contact us so we can make it right for you :)

Current Shipping Information

Order turn around time is currently 7-14 business days.

Almost all of our items are made to order which is why there is a bit of a waiting period in how fast we can get the items mailed out.

If you have any questions in regards to shipping or your order, please reach out to us directly!